Ian Hawes is the Founder/CEO of Spartasport. Ian has been around fitness for a long time. He was an officer in the UK Border Agency for 11 years where he specialized in Personal Safety Training. He first went to a gym in his 20's and has been bitten by the iron bug ever since. As a qualified ACE Personal trainer and Shaw Academy Nutritionist, Ian realized the importance of good supplementation to enhance peoples' training. He became increasingly disillusioned with the supplement industry using images of steroid enhanced athletes to promote their products, proprietary blends with little information and ingredients few had heard of.


He decided to embark on the Spartasport journey with the philosophy of using only the finest ingredients, selling only products with proper research proven results and clear labeling of  ingredients and amounts. He wants his customers to feel confident in the knowledge that Spartasport supplements will help them on their journey and that they are getting the best bang for their buck to forge the warrior within!