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This product with its whopping 28g protein

I'm special needs! Over the past 2 years, medical issues impaired my ability to eat and I lost over 160 pounds. I not only lost fat, but muscle as well. I am knowledgeable about diet and nutrition but was sorely lacking necessary nutrients, particularly protein.

I spoke to Ian in depth about my situation and he recommended the Spartasport New Zealand Grass-fed Whey Isolate. This product with its whopping 28g. protein is exactly what I need. He also took the time to help me isolate and target specific muscle groups and suggested a workout plan I could do at home(my preference).

I'm loving this product. I chose the salted Caramel flavour and it's really good. I prefer savoury flavors but can live with these decadent shakes by diluting them with extra water to cut the sweetness down.

Benefits to me: *28g protein per serving *Local, knowledgeable, friendly, helpful supplier *Ethically sourced product *Grass-fed whey ... win/win/win *I feel satisfied...not famished *I feel super energized *I'm motivated to work out and have the energy to perform *I see great improvements in my focus, concentration and memory *I have hope! Hope this product will give me back my health and my booty.

Thank you so much Ian

Please let me know when you have butter chicken flavour 😊 Collette Wildwillow, Abbotsford

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